Great content attracts, informs, engages, improves brand loyalty, builds consumer trust and most importantly, generates leads. 

The art of building a brand involves enticing consumers through various stages of consideration, having different conversations with them at different moments in time. 

In the age of digital and social media, your brand needs killer content. A clearly defined content strategy identifies your content marketing objectives, explores who your buyer really is and discovers what makes them tick. 

The positioning of your content, the type of content, and how it speaks to your customer is what leads to sales. Your content should matter, it should connect, it should influence.

I'll identify your content gaps and plan how you distribute and appraise content to reflect your customer's lifestyles and interests through written content, social media ad campaigns, PR communications, blogs, email newsletters and video.

From over 17 years at IMAGE Publications and, I've learned how to produce compelling content that drives business results, and I can bring a collaborative DREAM TEAM of leading Irish and International experts together to create content for all platforms. On speed-dial are Fashion and Interiors Stylists, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, Graphic Designers, Set DesignersVideographers, SEO SpecialistsEditors and Web Developers who create fully optimised imagery, video, graphics, websites and brand assets for your brand.


Here are just some of the ways I can help produce content for your brand that will make a positive difference to your business and create an uplift in engagement and sales....


Blogging can help drive more traffic to your site, and with the right call to actions, convert that traffic into leads, driving long-term results for your business. It can show off your expertise and thought-leadership in specific areas too and helps to identify and align your brand with like-minded customers. One of the most under-rated effects of blogging is providing fresh, relevant content on your website which Google really values, helping to elevate your rankings for targeted keywords.

Blog posts written for Lucy Nagle, CA Design and Blankie for newsletters, online blogs and seeding out on social media. 


There are so many ways of creating impactful content for your social media platforms. You need content that's good enough to get shared, not just 'liked' to convert a casual onlooker into a customer. Think: podcasts, user-generated content, memes, gifs, live streams, webinars, ebooks, the possibilities are endless! Then, you can use this great content to spread your brand message via targeted social media campaigns. 


Well-crafted language with the right tone-of-voice, aimed at the right audience is the key to killer content. Add to that, search engine-friendly copy and you can help secure a regular flow of traffic to your website.

Taglines, engaging headlines and relevant website copy for blow dry bar, Roller; premium lifestyle brand,


Your customers are human, and human-beings crave visuals stimulation – 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual. To effectively attract and engage  customers, your brand's visual content needs to play a pivotal role in your content marketing strategy – it can set you apart, cut through the online noise and communicate and compliment your brand message. 

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Lifestyle brands need video marketing – fact! People are fascinated with video and stories. Video is now more accessible to smaller brands and is now one of the best marketing mediums for increasing brand engagement, bringing your brand to life, and can actively influence buyer's habits. 

Video footage from a fashion shoot in Ibiza for Instagram and Facebook campaign. 


Are you still sending wordy press releases to hundreds of bcc email addresses at publications you've never read? It's time for a creative PR strategy for communicating your brand effectively and standing out from the crowd. Combining copywriting, content creation, brand positioning strategy and two decades of experience with PR agencies, editors and journalists, I can help create press packs that get noticed, by the people who matter.